Vetter Italia

Vetter Italia

Vetter Italia is an established import-export company based in Bolzano, South Tyrol. For 20 years, we have been serving supermarkets, wholesale markets, catering suppliers and other grocers all over Europe. Our range of our products is greatly diversified. We can supply almost all the fruits and vegetables that Italy has to offer in both small and large quantities. Thanks to our flexible work structures, state-of-the-art technology, and specially developed software and logistics, we make your work easier and are your ideal partner. Come and see for yourself. Try us out!

Vetter Italia
Großes Obst und Gemüse Sortiment für den Grosshandel
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But what makes our strengths your success? Our motto: we want to inform, we need to sell! If you work with us, you do not get a salesman, but an innovative partner by your side! A partner who provides you with non-binding product information, who considers each of your enquiries and orders as the "most important project", who will do its utmost to realise your desired product price, who will stand by your side with advice and assistance and offer solutions when you're in difficult market situations, who will not withdraw from its delivery responsibility in times of product bottlenecks. Our team asks itself every day if we would work with us. Our aim is always to be able to answer this question with a yes. That is our motivation and what drives us. So: TRY US OUT!

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Want to work with us? Contact us, and we will send you non-binding offers for our products and will be happy to assist you with business solutions. You can follow us and our work on our platforms as well.